About ERC

ERC Referrals, an internet-based service, has a dedicated team of Medical and Technical professionals, whose purpose is to provide an innovative, state of the art, electronic document processing system. Determined to meet the demands in the evolving world of medicine, modern technology has been implemented to reduce the time intensive documentation.

Aware of the drastic cuts in reimbursement, ERC is designed to maximize profits by eliminating paper, fax, and phone referrals.

Practitioners will find more time to generate more office visits and focus on quality patient care and in turn, profits will increase in a more rapidly changing profession.

ERC provides quality support-based service since 2008.

At ERC, each user becomes a vital part of our team easing the task of processing documentation.

ERC listens to the medical staff and suppliers, merging both needs in a simple but complex system creating user friendly communication as well as providing complete and accurate documentation.

ERC membership includes Physicians, Hospital personnel, and Suppliers of all types.

ERC welcomes new members and extends an invitation for you to join with the many professionals that are happy to be a part of the fast-moving documentation process now available.